A New Wave in Menswear
A New Wave in Menswear
The evolution of menswear fashion drastically accelerated in recent years thanks to the innovative spirits and an unquenchable thirst for breakthrough of new-generation designers. The new blood is not afraid of challenging the status quo, further developing various types of traditional apparel whilst experimenting with different cutting techniques and fabrications.
Scroll down to check out some of the best-in-class contemporary menswear brands meticulously picked out from jellibeans’ all-encompassing curation.
metallic sheen trousers by HELIOT EMIL

HELIOT EMIL metallic sheen trousers

Danish brothers, Julius Juul and Victor Juul named the clothing label after their great-grandfather. The duo elevates Scandinavian minimalism with a monochromatic palette and silver-toned hardware, counting eyelets, carabiner clasps and zippers, to create a techwear aesthetic. One of the iconic pieces is the Liquid Metal trousers which boast a mercury-esque, reflective high-tech fabric to energise your streetwear outfits with a futuristic glint.

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Kanghyuk Readymade Airbag Raglan Jacket (Khaki) by KANGHYUK

KANGHYUK Kanghyuk Readymade Airbag Raglan Jacket (Khaki)

Founded by Kanghyuk Choi and Sanglak Shon in 2017, Kanghyuk sets itself apart with its choice of convention-defying materials. Key pieces are the zip-up jackets, slim bottoms and fitted shirts made from deployed vehicular airbags, a wrinkled, featherweight textile that stays in shape at all times and promises sublime comfort with its unrivalled breathability. The latest season also sees a polyester jersey pleated with stud-like motifs throughout to electrify any look with eye-catching, three-dimensional textures.

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White 4.0+ Technical Center Trousers by POST ARCHIVE FACTION (PAF)

POST ARCHIVE FACTION (PAF) White 4.0+ Technical Center Trousers

Brainchild of Dongjoon Lim and Sookyo Jeong, Post Archive Faction offers an expansive repertoire of neoteric sportswear that will definitely remain as your top picks for years. The up-and-coming house has a penchant for deconstructing orthodox windbreakers, puffer jackets as well as nylon trousers and piecing these irregularly-cut segments together into asymmetric silhouettes accented with crinkled panels and undulating zip closures, rendering the once familiar intriguingly peculiar.

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Kiko Kostadinov x Wmns FB1-S Gel Preleus 'Metropolis' by ASICS

ASICS Kiko Kostadinov x Wmns FB1-S Gel Preleus 'Metropolis'

Kiko Kostadinov established his namesake brand after graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2016 and instantly made a name for himself owing to his avant-garde workwear chef d’oeuvres. One of his signatures is the sought-after sneaker collaborations with Asics. Revamping classic models with fashion-forward elements, the Bulgarian designer graces these iterations with streamlined structures and atypical colour combinations which complement the quirkily-cut patterns and intricate constructions of his ready-to-wear creations.

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See-through checked overshirt by KARMUEL YOUNG

KARMUEL YOUNG See-through checked overshirt

“What is missing in men’s wardrobe?” is the question which Karmuel Young asks himself every season. The Hong Kong-based talent explores the potential of menswear and fills the gaps with tailored garments that are defined by the functional yet nonconformist detailing and uncompromising quality. Geometric cuts, such as Square and Cuboid, captivate the gaze with empowering contours while the metallic studs top off the designs with the emblematic juxtaposition between natural and synthetic materials.

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