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Debuting in Style: Fab, Effortlessly Chic Pieces You'll Love
Debuting in Style: Fab, Effortlessly Chic Pieces You'll Love
A trendsetter's wardrobe is anything but underwhelming. With a balanced mix of colors, lengths, and textures, plus a dash of layering magic, you can take your look from all-out flat to total glam. Jazz up your aesthetic with these new drops, smartly pooled together by Jellibeans’ fashion data.
Pink Azia 95 satin sandals by JIMMY CHOO

JIMMY CHOO Pink Azia 95 satin sandals

Add a pop of color and luxury to any basic style with these exquisite square-toe sandals. Crafted in Italy, this flattering footwear features adjustable ankle buckles and sexy curved straps, giving your otherwise simple wardrobe a touch of bold fun and sophistication.

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Paris Nights 105mm pumps by AQUAZZURA

AQUAZZURA Paris Nights 105mm pumps

With a shapely silhouette and snakeskin sheen, these rose gold slip-on heels are sure to turn heads everywhere. The Italian stilettos not only pair well with just about anything in your wardrobe; they also add an alluring texture to your outfit, elevating your day-to-night look.

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double-breasted trench coat by LEMAIRE

LEMAIRE double-breasted trench coat

This loose-fitting garment is the perfect layering choice for curating a fuss-free bold minimalist ensemble. Simply wear them over a printed blouse or trousers, or don a brightly colored belt to break up the monochromatic theme. However you dress it up, this milk-white classic—and you—are guaranteed to stay easy on the eye.

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Jimmy Super T denim jacket by TRUE RELIGION

TRUE RELIGION Jimmy Super T denim jacket

Bring your street-style vibe to the next level with this comfy-chic black jacket. Accentuated by white topstitching details, this hip closet staple is not your ordinary denim jacket. Throw it over a statement shirt or hoodie for a relaxed but super cool, edgy look.

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postcard ruffle cropped bodice by ZIMMERMANN

ZIMMERMANN postcard ruffle cropped bodice

This square-neck top in ombre sunshine is made to give your closet a fresh, stylish spin. With tiered ruffle sleeves, it happily complements any understated wardrobe like a plain maxi skirt or wide-leg jeans. You can also experiment with lengths by layering it over a long-sleeved blouse or a long sheer top.

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