Digital Fashion: The Future of Fashion
Digital Fashion: The Future of Fashion
It is evident that digital fashion is the fashion of tomorrow as the metaverse is becoming more and more popular. In fact, a lot of creators inject their visions of the future into sartorial designs, transforming references taken from the sci-fi genre and historical sightings of extraterrestrial life forms into high-tech detailing and an ultra-avant-garde aesthetic. But are we dressing up as if we are from the future? Or is the present the future that we used to fanaticise about? Honestly, we are just excited to see what digital fashion will evolve into next!

Checkout jellibeans’ selection of futuristic digital garments below and see if what they remind you of matches with the original inspiration as well as with our editor’s imagination.
BioMechanical Dress by ALEJANDRO DELGADO


Germany-based 3D printing expert Alejandro Delgado combines all the ideas derived from his dreams, the String Theory and other quantum physics theories into this dark green BioMechanical dress. Looking into the future of human minds and the notion of immortality beyond a physical form, the iridescent couture consists of spaghetti straps, a sculpted bralette and body-con bottom in a fabric of algebraic geometry which resembles a moody, shape-shifting alien wrapped around a human host.

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Allover dress-coat white by ANDREW PASS

ANDREW PASS Allover dress-coat white

Ukrainian fashion and jewellery designer Andrew Pass grants this dress-coat a sophisticated construction, seeing a cape-like overlay and a zipped body detailed with a front slit. Alluding to the unknown of the universe, a crop circle motif can be seen printed throughout the streamlined silhouette while the white digital silk veneer exuding a feminine, fluid elegance, creates the image of a princess from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, walking down the palatial hallway, towards the garden of blooming exotic plants.

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Valkyrie by CHAOS LAB

CHAOS LAB Valkyrie

Taking cues from sci-fi films, Chaos Lab names this bodysuit after Valkyrie from Norse mythology to highlight its combat-ready characteristics. Metal plates protect the chest and thighs when the neon blue rings accentuate the natural curves of the body which are tightly wrapped in beehive-patterned mesh. Boasting a stretchy, reflective latex panelled on the torso, this one-piece could easily be the kit for some anti-gravitational extreme sports that is engineered to boost speed and strength for improved performance.

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Exoskeleton Ramus Clavis Hoodie by TEFLON SEGA

TEFLON SEGA Exoskeleton Ramus Clavis Hoodie

The Exoskeleton Ramus Clavis hoodie belongs to anime singer Teflon Sega’s coveted Neuroverse collection which also includes a matching mask and trousers. The transeasonal outerwear is embellished with hand-drawn hearts and bold ‘Broken Heart Gang’ fonts whilst the gadgets made of hovering Qidron steel are powered by a fluorescent purple energy flowing through the intricate circuit. Given the sentimental drawings and state-of-the-art add-ons, the hoodie does actually look like the apparel of a masked teenager who zooms around the city on a hoverboard to fight rebellious artificial intelligence.

45,127 points

Unidentified Specimen by ALEXA KUSULAS

ALEXA KUSULAS Unidentified Specimen

Recalling a predatory alien creature, Alexa Kusulas’ Unidentified Specimen 0.xx101_ all-white, legless bodysuit is faced in a crocodile skin-esque textile and is enlivened with a dark red lining to mimic its blood and flesh. In addition to the cut-out elements on the chest and waist that spotlight the carnivorous hunter’s slender yet sturdy figure, sharp spikes can be found on the elongated tails to epitomise future punk fashion.

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