Digital Fashion: The Future Guardian Of The Past

Created 25/07/2022

Digital Fashion: The Future Guardian Of The Past
Missing crystals and tears along the back zip closure of Marilyn Monroe’s Jean Louis dress that was recently sported by Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala, stirred up the community of fashion historians and textile conservators. Experts insisted that the ultra-delicate gown should not be worn again after the American actress’s ‘Happy Birthday’ serenade for J.F. Kennedy in 1962, not even with the utmost care as the smallest damage could have a long-term effect on the age-old garment.

What if we digitalise these archive pieces? Not only can the virtual equivalents be worn for as many times as one wishes without suffering the slightest defect, more importantly, they can also help preserve time-honoured garment-making techniques, signature looks of legendary designers, unique aesthetics of art movements and endangered cultures thanks to their everlasting digital materials.

Let’s take a look at the archive-worthy designs from jellibeans’ digital fashion curation.
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