Grandiose Victorian Styles of Today

Created 20/06/2022

Grandiose Victorian Styles of Today
During the Victorian era, upper and middle class women wore tight-fitted corsets over open-chest bodices with streamlined sleeves which were given a flared finish at the cuffs with flounced engageantes; ornate skirts decorated with delicate embroideries and trims were supported from below by either crinolines or multiple petticoats to fabricate the fashionable silhouette of a voluminous bee hive.

This 17th century aesthetic possesses an irresistible beauty that transcends time. Its distinct features are incorporated in modern designs, not only to accentuate voluptuous curves of the female body, but also to effortlessly elevate any combination with opulence and elegance.

Scroll down to take a closer look at contemporary renditions of Victorian apparel picked out from jellibeans’ well-rounded curation.
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