Hike To New Heights With Salomon

Created 04/08/2022

Hike To New Heights With Salomon
We all know that mountaineering footwear is designed to last, but Salomon is taking it up a notch, releasing digital renditions of its sought-after XT-6 model that last a lifetime. Materials in the physical world, no matter how durable, inevitably wear over time. However, in the metaverse, they don’t. These unisex shoes make for the perfect companion on expeditions to the most extreme virtual landscapes.  

One would simply wonder, why is Salomon producing unwearable digital replicas of its utilitarian silhouette from 2013? It could be said that the French sportswear label is making a statement. What they are selling here is not the object but the design itself, including the choice of colour combinations and materials, as well as functionality.  

Let us take a closer look at these lauded XT-6 and appreciate their ultra-practical style.  
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