How The Goofy Sneakers Became A Fashion?

Created 23/02/2023

How The Goofy Sneakers Became A Fashion?

Call yourself a streetwear fan? Our listicle this week comprises an array of too-cool-for-school brands to discover (if you don’t know them already). This round, the top spot goes to MSCHF — a Brooklyn-based fashion collective that’s known for its viral products. Its latest release that landed the brand first place on the list with an 89% jump in search activity: the Big Red Boots that have taken the internet by storm. Dubbed the “cartoon boots for a cool 3D world”, the pair of kitschy shoes has been spotted everywhere from social media to the streets.

If you can’t get enough of sneaker collaborations, you can find a number of trending designs that boosted the brands’ search activities this week. Tom Sachs, the second label on the roundup, is one of them (+69%). Six months after the American artist first teased the design of the NikeCraft General Purpose Shoe in August 2022, the shoes were finally released last week. Introduced in cool brown tones, the footwear is made of a mix of materials including mesh, suede and leather.

Montreal-based design studio JJJJound is on a roll as of late, teaming up with not one but four labels over the last few months. After collaborating with BAPE, Asics, New Balance and ROA Hiking on a slew of cool footwear, the collective has teamed up with ECCO leather on outerwear which landed the brand in the fourth spot with a 49% increase in search activity. Made from the ECCO leather cowhide that’s made using sustainable technology, the jacket is adorned with custom JJJJound spring-snap closures.

While the next few brands on this roundup may not be known as streetwear brands, they’re definitely the elevated basics you need for your wardrobe. Matchesfashio's in-house label, Raey (+68%), is a rising name that’s well-loved for its timeless-chic designs, and it counts Hailey Bieber, Kate Middleton and Olivia Palermo as a few of its A-list clients. When it comes to lingerie, Italian luxury label La Perla is definitely one to know. It’s been making waves recently after pop star Miley Cyrus sported the Brigitte bra and panties set in her “Flowers” music video. As a result, the brand’s search activity jumped by 34%.

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