Slay Like Royalty: Outfit Inspirations For Beyoncé's Renaissance Tour

Created 25/05/2023

Slay Like Royalty: Outfit Inspirations For Beyoncé's Renaissance Tour

The Beyonce’s Renaissance Tour has started. So if you're among the lucky few who scored tickets, you better start planning the perfect Beyoncé concert outfit. Without a doubt, concerts are a magical place to let loose and enjoy your favorite artist in person. They can also be the perfect place to show off your incredible fashion sense. To get the best possible tour outfit together, we are going to give you some advice on how to pull off the best Renaissance 'fit for the tour.

A Renaissance-inspired dress or gown will be the centerpiece of your outfit. Look for designs with corsetry, or off-the-shoulder necklines that capture the elegance and opulence of the era. Ruched off-the-shoulder velvet mini dress from Alexander Wang might be one of your options. This mini dress, with its ruched detailing and bandage-like construction, wonderfully embodies the label’s cool-girl aesthetic. Pair with your favorite booties and you're ready to go.

The night is set to be a giant party, so make sure you are noticed at all times with an extravagant print. The 'Renaissance' aesthetic is all about embracing vivid, eye-catching patterns that make a statement. You might consider sequinned dress by Halpern, embroidered with glittering sequins that form contrasting zebra-print patterns.

The thigh-high boot has quickly become one of Beyoncé's staples and is the perfect way to show off your inner artist. These monogram thigh-high boots from Balmain will give you that extra boost of glamour with gold-toned hardware heels. Made from a dense, stretchy knit, gathering at the knees gives this skin-hugging design an added edge.

To truly channel the royalty of the Renaissance era, consider wearing a statement headpiece. A hat will elevate your look and add a touch of regal elegance. How about paul hat by Van Palma? It features beige, wool felt, grosgrain ribbon trim, bow detailing, centre-dent crown and wide brim, which can complement your outfit and make you feel like a queen.

Embrace the spirit of the Renaissance and prepare to be captivated by Beyoncé's extraordinary performance in an outfit that pays homage to both her artistry and the timeless elegance of the Renaissance era.

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