The London-based Label Ahluwalia Is Making Waves As Of Late

Created 01/11/2022

The London-based Label Ahluwalia Is Making Waves As Of Late
It’s the start of November and we’ve got the round-up of the top labels that are making waves as of late. The first on the list goes to London-based menswear label Ahluwalia. Launched only three years ago by Indian-Nigerian designer Priya Ahluwalia, the brand had a 53% increase in search activity after Nigerian singer Oxlade was spotted wearing the Priya wide-leg jeans in his Ku Lo Sa music video that went live two weeks ago. 

With winter approaching, Japanese brand Zucca that’s started by Akira Onozuka is clearly on people’s radar with a 47% increase in search activity, as his elevated casualwear lends that fun touch to the layered-up looks. Unsurprisingly, the winter season remains its top seasonal search (73%). Falling slightly behind with 45% is Tove, a well-loved label that’s all about femininity. It recently announced that it’s launching a denim collection that doesn’t only champion its timeless and chic aesthetic, but one that’s sustainable too. No wonder why the top theme of the retail marketplace is sustainability with 40%.    

Ralph Lauren’s recent move to showcase its Spring/Summer 2023 show in Pasadena, Los Angeles clearly paid off, as its RRL line’s search activity jumped by 40%. Offering classic wardrobe staples, the brand’s popularity is a no-brainer and we can the top theme of the retail marketplace is casual wear at 35%. 

Moving on, bags have always been some of the most searched items, hence it’s to no surprise that Stockholm-based label Toteme is on the list with a 34% increase in search activity for the launch of its new bag, the T-Lock. Available in the form of a top handle or a clutch, the Fall/Winter 2022 designs are minimal yet sculptural.  

Speaking of bags, British bag label Demellier (up by 23%) may not ring a bell to some of you, but its designs are actually well-loved by the royals, as Queen Consort Camilla, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are some of its fans. The latter recently toted the Nano Montreal bag during a series of official engagements in Northern Ireland, and it’s not the first time — or first Demellier bag — she’s been spotted in. 

Last but not least, an exciting collaboration rounds up our list, as Dundas announced the launch of its gender-neutral beauty line, Dundas Enhancers, in partnership with Anastasia Beverly Hills. The news boosted its search activity by 19%, with the collection slated to release in early 2023. 

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