Digital Fashion: Computer-Generated Yet Paradoxically Natural

Created 15/06/2022

Digital Fashion: Computer-Generated Yet Paradoxically Natural
According to esteemed digital fashion house DressX, a piece of virtual garment has only 3 percent the carbon footprint of its physical counterpart and also saves the use of a significant 3,300 litres of water throughout its creation. In an effort to create a greener future for the industry, numerous Maisons and designers switch to digital fashion or launch digital capsule line-ups alongside physical collections. 3D clothing does not contain materials derived from Mother Nature, such as cotton, wool and leather; however, the four classical elements, wildlife, geology as well as the flora and fauna have become a rich source of inspiration for many designers, seeing flamboyant sartorial detailing that recalls its majestic charm and gracefully contrasts with other artificial, digital-only features.

Whether you are an outdoor, crypto or fashion enthusiast, make sure to scroll down to discover jellibeans’ hyperreal curation of nature-themed digital apparel.

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