Sculpt Distinct Silhouettes With Modern-Day Corsets

Created 16/05/2022

Sculpt Distinct Silhouettes With Modern-Day Corsets
The design of corsets has changed drastically since the 16th century. A must-have in women’s wardrobe, earlier styles of the undergarment are composed of stiff fabric like buckram and are framed with strips of ivory, wood, whalebone or cane, while flaunting a buttoned or hooked front opening and lacing at rear. Although its structure and materials have been altered for many times throughout the course of history, its function remains the same. That is to be tightly wrapped around the upper body to narrow the waist and to exaggerate the bust and hips for an alluring hourglass silhouette.

Nowadays, corsets are the new sexy. The support garment is no longer worn with a pannier underneath floral brocade dresses of the Rococo period; instead, it arrives in a wide variety of forms, ranging from outerwear and tops to accessories, promising to embolden any edit with voluptuous, organic curves. 

Scroll down to check out some of the corset-styled pieces carefully picked out from Jellibeans’ well-rounded curation.

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